Sparta Economic Development Committee

The Sparta Council determined that it is in the best interests of the Township to properly plan for economic development and established the Economic Development Advisory Committee.

The Economic Development Advisory Committee has the following goals and objectives:


  • Make a study and survey of the opportunities of the Township for     business expansion and development/redevelopment.


  • Develop lists of business that would be best suited to the Township and its zoning and Master Plan


  • Make reports to the manager and Council as to the development of the non-residential area of the Township; and include in its report the balance maintained between the development of non-residential areas and their ratio to assessed value for that year; and furnish the Manager and Council with its opinion as to the balance between the two areas for the succeeding year.


  • Recommend to the Manager, Council and the Planning Board desirable and suitable areas within the Township for the location of research, office light manufacturing, commercial and other retail business activities.


  • Recommend to the Manager, Council, and the Planning Board reasonable  and desirable restrictions concerning potential non-residential sites.


  • The Economic Development Committee may prepare and distribute material and data advertising the advantages of the Township for the purpose of attracting appropriate non-residential development.

Members of the 2018 Economic Development Committee

    Jerry Murphy, Council Liaison
    Joshua Hertzberg,Council Liaison

    Duffy Brennan, Member
    Steven Scro, Member
    Nancy Parker, Member
    Richard T. Miner, Member
    Cathy Dilger, Member
    Ann Sears, Member
    Joseph Toscano, Member
    James Hammond, Member
    Michael Sylvester, Member

    Janice Stevens, Secretary