Planning Board

The Plannning Board hears land development applications including Minor Subdivisions, Major Subdivisions and Site Plans.  They also update the Zoning ordinances and the Master Plan. The Board consists of nine regular members and two alternates and meets the first and third Wednesdays of each month.


2018 Planning Board Members

George Zacsek - Chairman
George Parker - Vice Chairman- Class II
Christine Quinn - Mayors Designee
Gilbert Gibbs - Councilman 
Theodore Gall - Class III Member

Vacancy - Class IV Member

James Henderson - Class IV Member
Edward Prol - Class IV Member
William Curcio - Class IV Member
John Kollar -1st Alternate
Alyse Gabay - 2nd Alternate
Thomas Collins, Esq. - Board Attorney
David Simmons, P.E. - Board Engineer
David Manhardt - Board Planner
Maureen Donnelly - Land Use Administrator