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Please be advised that the Township now accepts credit card payments for property taxes as well as garbage (solid waste), water, & sewer bills. There is a service fee assessed by the third party vendor for the processing of any such transactions. The Township does not receive any portion of these monies as relates to this service payment option. Therefore, the municipality cannot waive or reduce this transaction fee for any reason.

Why and How to Conserve?

Keep your lawn and garden weed-free. Weeds compete with your plants for water, oxygen and minerals!  Cultivate soil regularly to keep it loose. You'll use less water because it will penetrate more rapidly and deeply.

Put a layer of mulch around trees and plants. Mulch will slow evaporation of moisture and discourage weed growth too!  Avoid watering on windy days. Wind can blow water away from cultivated areas and onto concrete and asphalt where it's not needed. Don't let your sprinkler water the sidewalk, driveway or street. Put the water only where it's needed!

Talk to neighbors. If you live in an area where watering is commonplace, set up a schedule so everyone's not watering at the same time!

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Protect your pipes from freezing weather!

Freezing weather can take its toll on you and your home. The Township of Sparta Water Utility reminds you to make a thorough check of your home to protect water lines against the possible expense and inconvenience of loss of service due to frozen water lines.

Before freezing weather sets in:

Disconnect and drain outdoor hoses:    Detaching the hose allows water to drain from the pipe. Otherwise, a single hard, overnight freeze can burst either the faucet or the pipe it's connected to.
Insulate pipes in unheated areas:    Wrap water pipes in areas such as crawl spaces, basements and garages with insulated material. Pipes located on outside walls and near crawl space openings and vents are most vulnerable to freezing. You can use clean, dry rags or blankets in place of commercial insulating material.
Seal off access doors, air vents and cracks:    Plug up drafty cracks and repair broken basement windows. Winter winds whistling through overlooked openings can quickly freeze exposed water pipes. Be sure not to plug up air vents that your furnace or hot water heater may need for good combustion.
Place a tag on the main shut-off valve:  Be sure all members of your household know where the valve is located. Be prepared to turn the valve off should a water line burst. You may also want to consider closing your shut-off valve if you will be leaving the property unattended for a long period (i.e. if your property is a vacation home), or providing a key for a neighbor to check the heat and running water while you're away.

During freezing weather:
Do not keep crawl space, basement or garage doors open during cold periods.  The cold air could freeze exposed pipes.  Pipes should be properly insulated to prevent freezing. If you are unable to insulate your pipes that have frozen in past winters - particularly on sub-zero nights or periods of low usage - you may want to keep a trickle of water running from any faucet that will cause water to flow through the problem section of the pipe. During extremely cold periods, this trickle should be a steady stream the size of a pencil. Be sure to keep the drain clear of obstructions to prevent the basin from overflowing. While you will be billed for the water used, this procedure is using a minimal amount of water and may prevent more costly plumbing repairs and water loss caused by broken pipes.
Watch for reduced water flow, particularly in one faucet or one section of your home during cold weather. This may indicate a pipe beginning to freeze.  If this happens, please see above.
The Township of Sparta Water Utility strives to ensure a safe, reliable water supply to your home. A Customer Service Representative is available to answer your questions and provide as much help as we can if you experience frozen water line problems. However, care and custody of the pipes from the curb, up to and inside the home are your responsibility. If water is unavailable in only a portion of your home, or if your neighbors are not experiencing a problem, the obstruction may be in a section of pipe that is your responsibility. You may want to contact your plumber.

Statement from the Sparta Water Utility on Water

Quality and Lead Exposure Risk

In light of the recent events unfolding in Flint, Michigan, and other areas closer to home, the quality and safety of drinking water and concerns about lead exposure have come to the forefront for many Sparta Water Utility customers.

The Sparta Water Utility operates three separate water supply systems; Highlands, Lake Mohawk and Sunset Lake.  Each water system is supplied by numerous groundwater wells. Each system and its wells are governed by EPA and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) regulations. An example of these regulations is the 1992 Safe Drinking Water Act Lead and Copper Rule. All Sparta Water Utility systems are in compliance with the 1992 Safe Drinking Water Act Lead and Copper Rule and all its subsequent revisions.

The Sparta Water Utility has funded many improvements to its distribution systems over the years and none of our water systems deliver water through lead pipes. One of the challenges faced by suppliers is maintaining a PH level that is less corrosive to help minimize the leaching of lead into the water from homeowner plumbing or fixtures. Sparta Township is fortunate enough to report that all our groundwater supplies have natural PH levels at a neutral scale or better. Additionally, we utilize a concentrated liquid phosphate at various locations throughout our system that acts as a corrosion inhibitor and reduces lead leaching. Water delivery in our distribution system through lead pipes and water with a corrosive PH level are not concerns for Sparta Water Utility customers.

The Sparta Water Utility fulfills the sampling requirements set forth by the State’s Lead and Copper rule. The number of samples to be taken, the sampling frequency and sample locations are all determined in cooperation with the NJDEP. We enlist the services of a state certified laboratory which ensures that all lead analyses are conducted properly on samples from several locations throughout the water system. Sampling data can be found in your Water System’s annual water quality report, which is mailed to each service address and available on the Township website (

The Sparta Water Utility is committed to delivering the highest quality water, to the ongoing protection of our groundwater at its source, and to promoting a safe community for everyone in Sparta Township and its surrounding areas. If you have questions, comments, or concerns about the quality of our water, please contact our Utility Office at 973-729-7133. 

If you are concerned about a lead presence in your household and wish to have your water tested, please visit to help locate State-certified laboratories in the area. Additional information on lead in drinking water, testing methods and steps to minimize exposure is available at



Sparta Water Utility and Sewer Utility


In an effort to make water and sewer billing more convenient for our customers, the anticipated billing schedule can be reviewed below. Please make a note of these important dates. Also, please be advised that if payment is not received by the due date, late charges will apply. This late policy includes instances where bills were undeliverable or lost in the mail. If you have not received your bill during the 30 days prior to the due dates for each quarter listed below, then we would recommend contacting the Utility office early enough to obtain your outstanding account balances before late penalties accrue. Additionally, if you do have concerns about receiving bills, then we would recommend contacting the Utility office to verify that your account’s mailing information is updated and accurate. The number to the Sparta Township Utility office is (973) 729-7133.   


Billing Mail Dates Billing Due Dates
1st Quarter - February 15 1st Quarter - March 15
2nd Quarter - May 15  2nd Quarter - June 15
3rd Quarter - August 15  3rd Quarter - September 15
4th Quarter - November 15 4th Quarter – December 15



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The Water Utility manages, operates and maintains wells,
storage tanks, distribution piping and fire hydrants within the Township.