A fun, instructional introduction to baseball for 3 and 4 year old boys and girls.  Players learn the basics of throwing, catching, fielding, batting and base running.  They will apply what they have learned in fun, non-competitive games.  Sessions are one hour long, one day a week, and include all instruction and game play in one outing.  Instruction is conducted by Jump Start Sports staff coaches.  Players receive a Major League Baseball hat, team tee shirt, and a baseball medal.  Volunteer coaches may also participate in a detailed coaches' training program provided by Jump Start Sports.

Activity # Day Time Age Session Dates Fee
401033-A1 Fri 4:30-5:30pm 3 & 4 6 weeks 6/15-7/20 $85
401033-B1 Fri 5:30-6:30pm 3 & 4 6 weeks 6/15-7/20 $85




In this basic sewing camp, students will learn about patterns, how to cut and mark material, simple hand stitching, easy embroidery, how to work a sewing machine, and how to thread the machine.  All students will complete a few easy projects.  The fee includes all materials.  Instructor: Sheri Verrilli

Activity # Day Time Dates Age Fee
107361-A1 Mon-Fri 10:00am-12noon 7/9-7/13 10 & up $115


This fun and unique program will offer your camper the opportunity to prepare a complete lunch, along with a dessert and drink each day.  In addition, they will play some games and just have FUN!  Some examples of meals that participants will prepare include: pepperoni stromboli, vegetable lasagna, and garlic knots.  They will even participate in a cupcake war!  Presented by: Chef-It-Up 2 Go

Activity # Day Time Dates Age Fee
107361-B1 Mon-Fri 10:00am-12:30pm 7/16-7/20 5-12 years $160


Kids love to draw animals!  Join us as we learn to draw a variety of animals found at our local zoo.  We will draw giraffes, lions, tigers, birds and more.  Our final day will result in one large scene of the zoo, divided into several habitats and incorporating the many animal friends we have learned to draw.  Pencils, markers, Sharpies and colored pencils will be used.  Presented by: Young Rembrandts

Activity # Day Time Dates Age Fee
107361-C1 Tu, Wed, Thurs 9:30-11:00am 7/24-7/26 4-5 years $88


Meet a friendly mini goat who actually faints, some fancy chickens who have feathers on their feet, and other small animals, while learning about animal care and maintenance, collecting eggs, planting seeds, making butter, and completing a few easy farm projects!  It's all here at Farm Camp!! Instructor: Sheri Verrilli

Activity Day Time Dates Age Fee
107361-D1 Mon-Fri 10:00am-12noon 7/30-8/3 7-12 years $110


This summer our Young Rembrandts' students will find themselves captivated by exotic African beasts.  Our "Animals of Africa" pastel drawing workshop offers a challenging 5-day course.  Our students will learn about some of Africa's most majestic animals as they illustrate them using pastel chalks.  An antelope showcased within a melange of patterns, a stylized zebra with a creative color palette, and a regal lion are a few of the beasts to be explored this summer.  No experience is necessary.  Please wear an old shirt or smock each day of class.

Activity # Day Time Dates Age Fee
107361-E1 Mon-Fri 10:00am-12noon 8/6-8/10 6-12 years $130


Young Rembrandts offers a 5-day chalk pastel drawing class!  Explore multicultural art in our Worldly Artistic Designs Workshop.  We begin our world tour in Mexico as we draw several welcoming, colorful doorways.  Next, we journey to Africa and explore the design intricacies of African crafts.  Our artistic enlightenment doesn't stop there; we'll move on to design Paisley patterns, an ancient design embraced by many cultures.  Then, Asian paper lanterns will shed light on the Par Eastern design styles.  Our travels end in Russia, as we illustrate a mainstay of Russian architecture--the onion dome.  These classes will be messy fun, so dress appropriately.  Enroll today!

Activity # Day Time Dates Age Fee
107361-F1 Mon-Fri 10:00am-12noon 8/13-8/17 7-12 years $130


Want more Farm Camp?  Then come mingle once more with our animal friends as we enjoy additional creative activities and fun projects to help us understand the various ways that farms, animals and nature enhance our lives.  Instructor: Sheri Verrilli

Activity # Day Time Dates Age Fee
107361-G1 Mon-Fri 10:00am-12noon 8/20-8/24 7-12 years $110


Drills, Skills and Thrills is back for another great week of basketball camp!  This past winter, the DST staff had a great experience directing the Sparta Recreation basketball programs for boys and girls in grades K-4.  Our enthusiastic staff believes in teaching the fundamental skills of the game in a fun and safe setting.  Campers will get a free t-shirt or ball when they arrive at camp.  Sessions will include drills, contests, controlled scrimmages, and lots of fun!  Get in the game and don't miss out on the fun.  There will be a brief snack break in the middle of each session.  All campers should wear shorts, sneakers and bring a water bottle.  Location: Ungerman Complex

Activity # Day Time Dates Age Fee
107561-A1 Mon-Fri 9:00am-12:00noon 8/20-8/24 K-6th Grade $110


Using basic drawing techniques and creative art exercises, students discover how to draw comic-strip characters, silly people, crazy animals, and superheroes.  On the final day of class, families are invited to an interactive art demonstration by the students.  Instructor: Sheri Verrilli

Activity # Day Time Dates Age Fee
107361-H1 Mon-Fri 10:00am-12:00noon 8/27-8/31 6-10 years $110


Have fun building and creating using your imagination.  Campers will construct a wide range of robot projects throughout the week.  Projects will include constructing a Battle-bot from our huge Robotics modular collection, participating in our robot tug o' war, Olympic competition, soccer match and more.  Campers will learn engineering principals in a fun, hands-on atmosphere.  (This camp focuses on building modular robots from your imagination.  Coding is not a focus in this class.)  All students will take home a Hexbug robot as part of this camp.  Presented by: Super Science Programs for Kids

Activity # Day Time Dates Age Fee
107361-I1 Mon-Fri 9:00-12:00noon 8/27-8/31 6-12 years $99


Get ready for a fun-filled "magical" laboratory experience, Harry Potter style.  Enjoy making Flubber, Silly Putty, Super Hi-Bounce balls and more.  Have fun making light inside of a glow bottle, a mushroom monster, play dough, glowing goo, and even a tye-dye shirt.  We will create atomic worm polymers and lava lamp-like blobs.  We will also demonstrate the Big Bang Cannon, diet Coke and Mentos geyser, magic genie in the bottle and more.  All campers will take home a mini-chemistry kit and recipe booklet.  Please bring a 100% white cotton t-shirt to the second class.  Presented by : Super Science Programs for Kids

Activity # Day Time Dates Age Fee
107361-J1 Mon-Fri 1:00-4:00pm 8/27-8/31 6-12 years $99