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Seal of the Town of Sparta, New JerseySPARTA TOWNSHIP
New Jersey

Township Manager

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  • Township Manager

William Close, M.P.A., Q.P.A.

Office Location: Sparta Township Municipal Building, 65 Main Street, Sparta, NJ 07871

Hours of Operation:  Office: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Telephone: (973) 729-8485

Fax #: (973) 729-0063

Form of Government

Sparta Township is governed under the Council-Manager Plan B form of government under the Faulkner Act. This form of government has been used in the community since 1960 upon adoption by the electorate in 1959. The municipality is governed by a five-member elected Council of citizens. The Council is elected at-large for four year terms on a non-partisan basis with staggered terms of two or three seats up for election every other year. The Council conducts an annual reorganization meeting within the first ten days of January of each year. At that time the Council chooses a Mayor and Deputy Mayor from amongst themselves to serve in this capacity for one year terms. The Township Council is responsible for all legislative matters. The Mayor presides over all meetings as well as performing ceremonial duties which include ribbon cutting events for new businesses and organizations etc., and performs marriages. The Deputy Mayor serves this role in the absence of the Mayor.
The Council’s responsibilities include enacting ordinances and resolutions, establishing policies, making appointments to various boards, levying taxes, and adopting the annual budget upon recommendation of the Township Manager with the assistance of the Chief Financial Officer.

Township Manager Responsibilities

The Township Manager is appointed by the Township Council, and is directly in charge of all departments of the local government as well as all personnel. The Manager is the Chief Executive and administrative head of Sparta who oversees the day-to-day operations of the Township government. The Township Manager is responsible to see that all ordinances, resolutions, and policies of the Township Council along with all State laws which are subject to enforcement by municipal action are enforced and executed. Although the Township Manager is responsible to the Council, the proposals and recommendations submitted to the Governing Body for consideration are intended to reflect the needs of the community and be in the best interests of the municipality as a whole.
Duties of the Township Manager
The job of the Township Manager encompasses a variety of responsibilities relative to the opration of the township government. Some of the general duties of the Township Manager are as follows:

  • Assure that laws, ordinances, resolutions, and policies of the Council are enforced


  • Prepare and submit the Annual Municipal Budget to the Council


  • Handle labor negotiations with employee bargaining unit


  • Prepare and submit reports as may be required by Council


  • Research and make applications for grants for community projects and programs


  • Represent the municipality and its best interests with the State and other political subdivisions


  • Serve as Personnel Officer appointing and removing department heads and employees on the basis of merit/cause and to exercise control and supervision over departments


  • Oversee the purchasing of supplies, materials, and equipment as well as work & labor under contract required by departments for operations in service delivery to the residents


  • Make recommendations concerning the affairs of the Town including plans for short- and long-range improvement projects to the Governing Body


  • Investigate any complaints from residents on municipal operations or employees and address/remedy them, as may be appropriate, based on circumstances and resources available


  • Keep the Council advised about financial conditions and projected future needs of the community


  • Keep the public informed, through reports to the governing body, of the operations of the Town government


  • Work with community-based groups/organizations to address issues/concerns


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